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Apollo Series

Apollo+ Series

5th Edition Compliant

Our market leading Apollo Series portable appliance testers are chosen by PAT professionals worldwide. They are the perfect balance between speed, portabilty and being packed with the advanced features needed for modern high volume PAT testing. The Apollo range has been created to offer a tester that's perfect for all applications.

Our NEW Apollo portable appliance testers are designed to fully comply with the requirements of the 5th Edition Code of Practice.

Free 5th Edition Firmware

In the Seaward Apollo Series we have created the ultimate PAT testing instruments for all levels of portable appliance testing.

Not only do these comprehensive testers have a large internal memory for test records, they also have a suite of time-saving test sequences and reporting features as well as an interchangeable battery to minimise downtime when in the field.

There are a number of kits available to help speed up your testing and labelling process and we have introduced a 2D barcode printing format and scanner so you can store appliance data for quicker retesting.

Read on to find out more about these testers and the kits that are available, and if you're not sure which one is right for you, you'll find a comparison table further down the page.

Apollo 400+ PAT Tester

Apollo 400+

Storage for up to 2,000 test records
 User configurable test sequences
Compatible with wireless label printer & barcode scanner

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Apollo 500+ PAT Tester

Apollo 500+

Storage for up to 10,000 test records
 Upload previous records for faster retesting
Built-in risk assessment tool

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Apollo 600+ PAT Tester

Apollo 600+

Storage for up to 50,000 test records
On-board camera
 Logs your PPM & PPE inspections

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Apollo+ Series Firmware Update

It's Arrived! New 5th Edition Firmware

If you're already an Apollo Series user you can update your firmware to the latest version 4.1.7 (5th Edition) where you'll be able to benefit from the new selection of test sequences created in response to the newly release 5th Edition IET code of practice. Installing this firmware will also allow your existing 4th Ed. Apollo to test up to 5mA for protective conductor current and 3.5mA* touch current. Just choose your firmware from the list below and follow the instructions in the FAQ to update.
*5mA for new 5th edition products.

Firmware files (version 4.1.7 - released 10/11/20)

Apollo 400/+ | Apollo 500/+ | Apollo 600/+

How to update FAQs

Apollo 400/+ | Apollo 500/+ | Apollo 600/+

Compare the Apollo Series

General Features Apollo 400+ Apollo 500+ Apollo 600+
5th Edition Compliant bullet bullet bullet
Battery & mains powered bullet bullet bullet
Colour screen & QWERTY keypad bullet bullet bullet
Large internal memory Up to 2,000 records Up to 10,000 records Up to 50,000 records &
2,000 visual inspection images
Bluetooth scanner & printer compatible bullet bullet bullet
Password controlled user accounts   bullet bullet
Set up multiple user accounts with varying levels of privileges   bullet bullet
Clone facility to set up multiple testers   bullet bullet
Checkbox supplied as standard   bullet bullet
Test Inspection Features Apollo 400+ Apollo 500+ Apollo 600+
Auto-increment asset ID   bullet bullet
PAT Setup option to allow for custom menus   bullet bullet
Enter asset description after test using keypad or barcode scanner bullet bullet bullet
Comprehensive electrical safety test features bullet bullet bullet
Point to point measurement (Rpe & IR) Optional accessory required bullet bullet
User configurable electrical test/visual inspection sequences 25 100 100
User set sites & locations 50 100 100
Risk based retest period calculator   bullet bullet
User definable comments lines against test records   4 4
Configurable checklists for any workplace test or inspection (user tests)   bullet bullet
On-board camera     bullet
Universal risk assessment     bullet
Health & safety certificates     bullet
Data transfer features Apollo 400+ Apollo 500+ Apollo 600+
1D & 2D scanner connectivity Reads 1D data only bullet bullet
Read 2D barcode labels with 2D scanner   bullet bullet
RFID reader connectivity     bullet
Print pass & fail labels with 1D barcode bullet bullet bullet
Print pass & fail labels with 2D barcode   bullet bullet
Add your company logo to labels (large 1D labels only)   bullet bullet
Select various label formats to print 6 6 6
Download to PC via USB cable bullet bullet bullet
Data transfer via USB flash drive     bullet
Filter results to be downloaded bullet bullet bullet
Upload previous results to tester for retest   bullet bullet
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