24 Month Warranty

Seaward Electronic Ltd

The following products come with a 24 month warranty providing they are registered within 30 days of purchase:

PrimeTest 250+
Apollo 400+
Apollo 500+
Apollo 600+
Solar PV150 Complete Kit
Solar PV200 Complete Kit
Solar Utility Pro Complete Kit

If your product is not listed above it will come with a standard 12 month manufacturers warranty

Terms and Conditions of 24 Month Warranty
The Seaward product must be registered with Seaward within 30 days of purchase to be eligible for the extended 24-month warranty. Instruments must be returned to an authorised service centre complete with proof of purchase within 13 months of purchase for calibration at the current rate. Any items returned for calibration outside of the 13 month period stated above may not be eligible for the second 12 month section of warranty. The second 12 month section of the warranty begins at the expiry of the initial 12 month period, not when the unit is calibrated.

Problems caused through misuse, damage, fair wear & tear, consumables and accessories are excluded from standard warranty. Such components found to be being used in excess of their manufacturer’s operating recommendations are also excluded. Shipping to an authorised service centre is the responsibility of the sender. Please contact customercare@seaward.com for more information.

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