TECC Enjoys Successful Lift-off with Apollo PAT Test Kits

Investment in the latest appliance testing technology is helping a specialist electrical contracting business to introduce dedicated company-wide testing protocols and standards as part of a nationwide expansion programme.

Formerly known as South West PAT Test Ltd, the electrical contracting company started in 2006 by Managing Director Peter McCallum has recently rebranded as The Electrical Compliance Collective Ltd (TECC) to reflect its success in growing its operations across the South West, South East, East Anglia and the Midlands.

As part of the expansion of its operations, TECC has equipped its 20-plus team of electrical field test engineers with Apollo 600+ Elite test kits from Seaward as part of a strategy to ensure that customers in a wide range of industries and sectors can meet their electrical safety responsibilities as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Apollo 600+ Elite Kit PAT Testing

The Apollo 600+ carries out all of the electrical safety tests required by the 5th Edition of the IET Code of Practice, with the instrument automatically sequencing through the required tests, which can include earth continuity, insulation resistance, protective conductor current, touch current, IEC lead polarity and RCD trip times.

Test results are recorded in the instrument’s internal memory and downloaded to the PATGuard 3 PC software program.

After completing their daily test schedules, TECC engineers send the test results back to head office remotely for inclusion in client databases, with the downloaded data also being used to produce test and inspection reports, provide test certificates and produce client invoices.

This approach has enabled TECC to establish fully professional working practices and standards across its network of engineers, delivering a fully automatic and integrated electrical safety testing system for its customers.

Hannah Fruen, General Manager of TECC, explains: “As a business, we work across a diverse range of sectors, environments and locations carrying out all types of electrical work including appliance testing upwards of 500,000 items each year.

“Our responsibility to clients around the country means that we must carry out all testing as efficiently as possible, but without compromising the validity or integrity of the safety testing process.

TECC PAT Testing PATGuard 3

“Consistency and reliability are essential in meeting this challenge and the use of the Apollo 600+ Elite kits ensure that we can provide a totally trustworthy and traceable record keeping and documentation system.

“In this respect, our ability to develop professional and highly organised working practices, with advanced test technology at its centre, is contributing directly to the successful growth and reputation of the business.”

Seaward has worked closely with TECC and its predecessor company over a number of years to ensure that the PAT testers and accessories continue to meet their needs.

For example, TECC has already upgraded its test instruments with the latest firmware to meet the 5th Edition of the IET Code of Practice requirements and are among the first users of new customised QR code labels for automatic appliance identification and test specification set up.

Richard Slade, Seaward’s UK T&M Field Sales Manager, said: “We really value our partnership with TECC and their practical feedback is invaluable in ensuring that our test technology continues to evolve to meet the needs of specialist electrical test contracting companies.

“We are delighted at their success and their story demonstrates what can be achieved when Apollo 600+ test technology is used to its full potential.”

The Apollo 600+ tester and PATGuard 3 test results management software forms part of a comprehensive range of Seaward PAT instruments, accessories and software that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of electrical safety dutyholders in all workplaces.

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