In this short video, we show you how to PAT test a 110V transformer

First, carry out a full visual inspection.

Providing the 110V transformer has passed the visual inspection, plug the transformer into your PAT tester.

With it being a Class I transformer, make a connection to earth using the test probe. Here we choose the transformer socket outlet, and put the test probe in the earth point.

Turn your PAT tester on, and carry out a Class I test.

The first test our tester carries out is the earth continuity test and shows a pass. the tester also shows lo load, we carry on through the test sequence.

The next test we carry out is the insulation resistance test.

Then we carry out the alternative leakage test.

If the 110V transformer passes all tests, apply your pass label.

It is good practice to test all sockets on 110V transformers to make sure they are safe, and plug an appliance in to each socket to make sure they are working correctly.

You can test 110V transformers with the following PAT testing solutions

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