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PVMobile Solar App

PV Mobile App

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The Free PVMobile App allows you to view I-V and power curves in full colour and high definition detail in the field by touching your mobile device against the NFC chip in the PV200.

More about PVMobile

PVMobile is the ultimate companion for use with the Seaward PV200/210 solar installation tester.

It enables full colour and detailed I-V curves to be viewed and analysed in the field and allows PDF’s to be exported and sent back to the office for further examination.

Detailed and colour I-V and power curves, can be viewed instantly once data is transferred to the PVMobile Android App using wireless NFC connectivity. PVMobile displays measured I-V and power curves for visual analysis of the curve shape, enabling common problems such as shading, defective cells or poor electrical connections to be identified.

Simply touch an NFC-enabled Android device running PVMobile to your PV200/210 and detailed I-V characteristic measurements are transferred, allowing the I-V and power curve to be viewed in full colour detail. The App also enables I-V curve correction for standard test conditions (STC 1000 W/m2, 25°C) using irradiance and temperature data from the Survey 200R to allow comparison with the manufacturer’s curve data. The App includes a comprehensive database of manufacturers' PV module data.

In addition, a PDF can be exported from the PVMobile app and sent from the field to the office for further analysis if required.

With the PVMobile Android App you can:

  • View I-V and power curves in full colour and high definition detail
  • Pinch and zoom to observe deviations from a normal curve, and to see Mpp region in more detail
  • Select points on the curve to read actual voltage and current.
  • Transfer data back to the office from a remote location.
  • View I-V curves and measurement data clearly, even in direct sunlight.
  • Avoid the need to take a laptop on-site
  • Transfer measurement data to the PVMobile App instantly by touching your mobile device against the NFC chip in the PV200/210

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