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Are you using traditional tools to test solar PV installations?

There is a faster and more accurate way to help you save time and make more money!

Using traditional tools such as a clamp meter or multimeter to test and troubleshoot solar PV installations takes a lot of time, and the accuracy of your results can vary.

There is a quicker and more accurate way to test solar PV systems, which could give you extra time to book in more jobs and make more money.

We provide a number of specialist PV test solutions for both 1000V and 1500V systems, which are used and trusted by 1000's of solar PV professionals across the world. Read on to find out how these tools can change the way you test.

Traditional tools vs a Seaward PV tester comparison video

In this short video, we demonstrate how you can test a PV system using conventional tools and how you can test a PV system using a Seaward PV tester.

You can see how much time is saved in both testing and recording data, and the range of tests the Seaward PV tester accurately performs.

Get in touch if you have any questions about how our PV test solutions can help you replace your traditional tools.

Webinar: Why you should stop using traditional tools to test PV systems

In this short webinar Michael Middlemast, Category Manager for Renewables at Seaward explains how you can save time and make more money if you are currently using traditional tools to test solar PV systems. He covers time comparison, reporting, increasing accuracy and more.

If you have any questions about the webinar or our solar PV test solutions please get in touch.

Our range of fast and accurate solar test kits

We have a number of solar PV test kits available depending on the types of systems and tests you would like to perform.

We offer free online product demonstrations of all of our testers and off free online product support so you can get the most from your tester.

Take a look at our testers below and get in touch if you would like to discuss how they can help you with your solar PV system testing.

The Seaward PV150 Complete Solar PV Test Kit

  • Ground continuity measurement with test lead null.
  • PV string open circuit voltage measurement up to 1000V DC with polarity indication.
  • PV string short circuit current measurement up to 15A DC.
  • Tests individual PV modules or strings.
  • Memory for up to 200 records.

The Seaward PV200 Complete Solar PV Test Kit

  • All-in-one commissioning tests and I-V curve tracing.
  • Automatic fill factor calculation.
  • Ground (earth) continuity measurement with test lead null.
  • Memory for up to 999 records with USB download to PC.
  • Instant NFC data transfer using the PVMobile app.

The Seaward Solar Utility Pro

  • Test multiple strings in parallel up to 1500V 40A.
  • Test at a string level or in the combiner box.
  • Record up to 999 full sets of string data.
  • Test open circuit voltage (Voc), short circuit current (Isc), irradiance (W/m2), ambient temperature & more.
  • Free product and O&M training with every purchase.
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