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B433R 240v

Manufacturing Safety Testers

- Stand Alone Earth Bond Tester
- Use stand alone
- Test current of 25A AC into a 0.1 impedance
- N-burn earth bond probes supplies

Please note that we no longer supply 110V

Clare B433R

The B433R is a cost effective, simple to use, rugged, earth bond test system suited to manufacturing or laboratory environments. This earth / ground bond tester can deliver a test current of 25A through a resistance/impedance of 0.1½ from a low voltage a.c. source. This earth/ ground bond tester meets the general requirements of the majority of international test standards that relate to system earth continuity or ground bonding measurement.

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Technical Specifications

Technical specification
Test output current 25A a.c. through 0.1Ω
Test voltage Less than 7.5V a.c. open circuit
Dimensions 335L x 230H x 255D (mm)
Weight 8 kg
Supply voltage 230V, 50Hz


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