Electrical Safety Testing During Manufacture

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If you are responsible for the electrical safety of your manufactured goods then this guide is ideal for you. We cover the following topics:

1. Terms used when testing equipment - we bring you up to speed with the terminology and current types so you can understand what we are refering to in the guide.
2. The benefits of electrical safety testing - we talk about why it is important to ensure the electrical safety of your products.
3. The standards - including UL, IEC, BSI and more.
4. Different test regimes - different regimies that can be used including Type and Routine.
5. Electric shock - how it happens and the effect it can have on the human body.
6. Setting up a safe working environment.
7. Product classes - we cover Class I, II and III and what makes them differnet.
8. The definition of test - what makes a good test.
9. Test types including Dielectric, Insulation and Leakage tests.
10. Standards and test voltages.

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