Portable AC/DC neon indicator with flat contact electrode for use on systems up to 19kV

- Covers both AC and DC earthed neutral systems
- UK Electricity Council Approval list G10
- Neon Indication
- Resin filled, robust construction to industry standards
- Direct access to vertical or horizontal metal clad switchgear


The KD1E/19 is a neon HV potential indicator suitable for use on earthed neutral systems up to 19kV. A highly robust, portable AC/DC voltage indicator, this potential indicator provides a means of confirming the presence of voltage on earthed neutral electrical circuits.

Conforming in design lengths to recommended creepage and safety standards, the KDIE series features high grade PVC tubing and incorporates totally encapsulated resistor chains. For additional safety a PH3 proving unit is available and should be used before and after the high voltage indicator is employed.

Seawards KD1E/19 covers a wide rage of applications and is used in many industry sectors such as Electric Utility Suppliers, Factory maintenance departments, Switchgear manufacturers / suppliers, HV training centres, HV installation contractors and estates / facilities departments.

Other accessories available include 90º and 120º bent end adaptors and 1.5m extension rods for easy access to difficult to reach switchgear.

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Optional Accessories

Technical Specifications

Technical specification
Maximum system voltage 19kV
Maximum voltage to earth 11kV
Threshold voltage 300V
Measuring range N/A
Resolution N/A
Sensitivity AC/DC
Circuit current (IEC 61234-2) 0.7mA nominal @11kV
Dielectric leakage current (IEC 61234-2) 11uA nominal @ 22.8kV
Length (mm) 330
Diameter (mm) 25
Handle length (mm) 105
Hand guard height (mm) 23.5
Contact electrode type Flat


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