Test to BS EN 60598-1 with our Lighting & Luminaire Testers

Production line testing to BS EN 60598-1 with our lighting & luminaire testers

We have comprehensive lighting and luminaire testers to meet your requirements.

Does your company manufacture luminaires?

If so are you aware that it is recommended your products should be routinely tested at the end of production, in line with BS EN 60598-1

This product standard recommends that 100% of all manufactured items are subjected to an end of line electrical safety test to ensure the manufacturing process has not compromised the overall safety of the product.


End of line testing can offer many benefits to a manufacturer of electrical products. Safety of course being the main reason to perform tests, but in addition a comprehensive electrical safety test can highlight poor components, areas for improvement in manufacture and equipment operational status ensuring that you know the product tested was working as intended before shipping. Potentially saving in the repair and replacement of expensive, “out of the box”, failures.

BS EN 60598-1 recommends the following test regime for a product in compliance with this standard

Routine Production Line Tests – As per Table Q.1
Earth/Ground Bond

Test current >10A AC from a source between 6 and 12V.

Resistance 0.5 Ohm fail limit for all products.

Test time at least 1s for routine test.

DC Insulation

Can be omitted only if hipot/flash test performed

Test Voltage 500V DC for Class 1 and metal encased Class 2

Test Voltage 100V for Class 3

Resistance threshold >2 MOhms

Test time at least 1s

Flash/Hipot/Dielectric Withstand

Can be omitted only if DC Insulation test performed

Test Voltage 1500V AC for Class 1 and metal encased Class 2

Test Voltage 400V AC for Class 3

Threshold is dictated that no breakdown shall occur with a maximum current threshold of 5mA

Test shall be applied for 1s

Insulation may be subjected to a DC voltage of 1.5 times those described above


Product must be tested to ensure safe functional operation

The functional test can also be used to observe power consumption of the fitting to ensure it is functioning as expected and fitted with the correct components.

Our range of lighting & luminaire testers



HAL LED luminaires testers

Designed to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency when testing the output of LEDs and other luminaires, the Clare HAL LED features a high resolution power measurement and an internal memory for traceability of results.

  • High resolution power measurement
  • Tests in accordance with BS EN 60598-1
  • Store results for up to 6000 products
  • 200mVA resolution power measurement
  • Also features leakage, touch current, hipot, insulation resistance and earth bond tests

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Clare STML hi-pot tester

The STM/L is a semi-automatic and manual luminaire tester that performs earth/ground bond, hipot, DC insulation resistance, leakage,load and powertests.

  • Manual and semi-automatic test sequencing
  • Storage of up to 6,000 test results
  • Link to a printer and scanner for fast and traceable testing

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