HAL Series


If you're looking for the HAL Series datasheet featuring full technical specifications or the instruction manual, you can find them here.


Insulation Resistance Test – 104, LED, 103, 101
DC Output Voltage0.10kV – 6.00kV[br](10V/step manual) (50V/step auto)
Display Range0.03MΩ – 350MΩ[br]350MΩ – 500MΩ (Indication Only)
DC Dielectric Strength Test – 104, LED, 103, 101
Programmable Voltage RangeRange 0.10kV – 6.00kV[br](10V/step manual) (50V/step auto)
Display Range0.01mA – 10.00mA
Optional Arc Detection9 Levels
Mechanical Specification
Dimensions (HxWxL)300 x 200 x 370mm
Weight15kg Approx
Earth/Ground Bond Test – 104, LED, 103
Test Voltage6V AC Nominal
Frequency50Hz or 60Hz (Independent of supply)
Output Current Range0.1A – 40.0A
Display Range0 – 1500mΩ
AC Dielectric Strength Test – 104, LED, 103, 101
Programmable Voltage Range0.10kV – 5.00kV[br](10V/step manual) (50V/step auto)
Frequency Independent of Supply0.01MΩ-500MΩ
Display Range (Current)0.01mA – 20.00mA
Optional Arc Detection9 Levels
Power and Leakage Test – 104 & LED
Power Output Rating
Test Voltage110V – 230V AC (Mains Supply)[br]80V – 250V (Via Auxillary Input)[br]20A nominal (Vin-Vout)
Output Power Measurement – 104
Single Phase Power[br]Measurement Display Range0.02kVA – 5.000kVA
Output Power Measurement – LED
Single Phase Power Measurement Display Range000.0 – 999.9VA
Single Phase Power Factor Measurement
Display Range[br]*Please note: Displayed value is for indication only0.000 – 1.000*
Leakage Current Measurement
Display Range0.10mA – 20.00mA
Touch Current Measurement
Display Range Measuring Device0.02mA – 5.00mA[br]IEC/EN 60990 Fig 4[br](IEC/EN 60990 Fig 3 or Fig 5 Upon Request)
Power Requirement
Operating VoltageSelectable 115V or 230V AC RMS 50Hz / 60Hz

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