DO4002 Ohmmeter

Cropico DO4002


- 1A Test Current
- 1 Micro Ohm Resolution

Cropico DO4000 Series Comparison

Features DO4000 DO4001 DO4002
True 4 terminal measurement eliminates lead resistance errors      
Measuring range from 40 milli ohm to 4 kilo ohm      
Measuring range from 4 milli ohm to 400 ohm      
10 micro ohm resolution      
1 micro ohm resolution      
True zero capabilities      
Digital Calibration      
Auto / Manual range selection      
Automatic temperature compensation      
Temperature measuring range -50 to +800°C      
Open circuit lead warning LED      
100mA measuring current      
1A measuring current      
Auto power off to maximise battery life      

Cropico 4002

The DO4002 digital microhmmeter offers true portability without any sacrifice to accuracy or functionality. This micro ohmmeter is a ruggedly constructed instrument is housed in a stylish plastic case with easy to use keyboard. The measured values are displayed on a large LCD screen which allows for ease of viewing. Automatic or manual range selection is available and many advanced features are included.

Case Studies

Bender specifies Cropico for MEIGaN compliance Bender specifies Cropico for MEIGaN compliance
Bender specifies Cropico for MEIGaN compliance

Original article from 2008. A company which specialises in the manufacture of sensitive insulation monitoring devices and on-line earth fault location systems for the healthcare ...

High flying Cropico ohmmeter solves aircraft corrosion threat High flying Cropico ohmmeter solves aircraft corrosion threat
High flying Cropico ohmmeter solves aircraft corrosion threat

The Royal Netherlands Air Force is using a high performance Cropico ohmmeter as an integral part of a maintenance programme designed to identify and reduce the potential for airfr...

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Technical Specifications

Technical specification
Measurement Default Spec Value4 Terminal Kelvin/Thomson principle eliminates error due to lead resistance. Open circuit measurement voltage approx. 5V dc.
Display 15mm LCD 4,000 count with automatic decimal point and polarity indication
Ranges 6 Ranges with automatic or manual selection
Auto Zero Permits the automatic zero of amplifiers and external circuits eliminating errors due to thermal emf.
Calibration Digital
Battery 5 AA size manganese Alkaline supplied with unit. Rechargeable battery pack option includes 5 AA size Ni/Mhd, housed in removable cassette plus docking station and charger. Automatic Power OFF ensures maximum battery life
Temperature Compensation The model 4002 also includes temperature compensation which references the measurement to an ambient temperature of 20 Deg.C. Coefficients for copper and aluminium are pre programmed and a user coefficient facility enables coefficients for any material to be entered.
Temperature Measurement The Model 4002 also include temperature measurement over the range -50...+800 Deg C. Using a Pt100 temperature probe which may be ordered as an option.
Terminals 4mm safety sockets
Working Temperature 0...40°C rel. humidity 80% max. non-condensing
Storage Temperature -20 ... +50°C.
Charger Mains Supply 100/120/220/240 Volts +10% -13%. 47 ... 63Hz. 20VA
Safety EN61010-1 EMC - EN61326
Dimensions 215 x 130 x55mm (W H D)
Weight 0.8kg
Accessories Supplied complete batteries, measuring leads with Kelvin Clips, handbook, and calibration certificate


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