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EN 50191 Kit

Keeping your electrical test operators safe. Every. Single. Day.

As a long established market leader in the design and development of electrical safety testing instrumentation, nobody is better qualified than Seaward to advise on safety testing and the implications of EN 50191.

EN 50191 Kit

EN 50191 defines the requirements for the safe operation of electrical test equipment in the workplace. It is regarded as best practice advice for the provision of essential protective measures in most electrical testing environments and particularly where hazards exist with hazardous voltage testing. To help you ensure compliance to EN 50191 and the safety of your test operators, start with Seaward’s Safe Working Environment Kit.

What it includes

1) The right fault simulator for your tester.

Our fault simulators allow you to comprehensively simulate fail conditions, quickly verifying that your test equipment is functioning correctly and safely.

2) Safety beacon

Recommended by BS EN 50191and a simple and effective way to caution members of staff when testing is taking place, our “Plug and Play” safety beacons are controlled by the test equipment, utilise Green and Red signals to indicate when the test area is potentially hazardous.

3) Warning signs

Ensure staff and visitors are aware of potentially hazardous areas. Fixed warning signs, provide key information about the risks and can be used to clearly highlight areas off limit to nontrained or unauthorised persons. Fixed warning signs provide this information at all times and keep all staff aware that the testing area presents a risk to their health and safety.

4) Rubber matting

It is essential that the operator and the equipment under test are isolated from ground. Our rubber matting ground cover is rated to withstand voltages far exceeding the capability of our test equipment, and is one of the most effective and simple methods of creating a barrier to ground, ensuring your operators are kept safe.

Part Numbers

Product Part Number
Production Line Essentials (HAL Series) 450A950
Workshop 1 (SC08/STML) 450A951
Workshop 2 (B255) 450A952

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