Solar PV systems have been, and are being, installed in vast numbers all over the World. Such systems are expected to perform for decades, but also during this period, operate safely. Unfortunately, many PV systems have not been correctly installed or placed into service with little ongoing maintenance, which ultimately leads to a loss in potential revenue from the installation but could be a danger to life.

Due to the nature of where they are installed, PV systems can be prone to extreme environmental conditions and therefore it is particularly important to make sure any system deterioration is detected and controlled or rectified.

All PV systems should be tested for safety and performance conformation. However, the category of testing depends on local regulations, system designers and the ability of the commission engineers.

Consideration should be made for changes to the PV system or its surroundings. For example, many PV installs are on roof tops and maintenance to the building structure may be required. Also, over extended periods, additional building or electrical works may appear in the vicinity of the PV array.

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