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Cropico RM6


If you're looking for the Cropico RM6 datasheet featuring full technical specifications or the instruction manual, you can find them here.



Technical specification
RangeDefault Spec Value11.1111 Megohm in steps of 10ohm
Maximum Continuous Working Voltage70Vdc / 33vrms
ResistorsMetal film 0.4W at 70°C[br]Temperature Co-efficient: ±100 ppm. / °C
TerminalsInsulated will accept 4mm banana plugs and spade tags
SwitchesContacts silver plated brass. Contact resistance 10milliohm. Positive click mechanism. Insulation 50,000 Mohm
ResidualResistance <0.1ohm
CasePolished hardwood with aluminium top panel
Size287 x 65 x 65mm

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