PrimeTest 250+


If you're looking for the PrimeTest 250+ datasheet featuring full technical specifications or the instruction manual, you can find them here.


Insulation Resistance
Test Voltage250/500VDC @1mA nomina
Test Current< 2mA (s/c)
Test Duration (Class I or II)2s
Display Range0.01 - 19.99MΩ
Pass Value Class I1.0MΩ
Pass Value Class II2.0MΩ
IEC Lead Test
Test Voltage5VDC nominal
Test DurationTime for test (2s max)
TestLive / Neutral Checks for o/c, s/c and crossed
Touch Current
Test VoltageSupply voltage, max current 13A
Test Duration120s maximum
Display Range0.10 - 5mA
Pass Value0.5 / 5.0mA
RCD Trip Time
RCD TypePlugtop and fixed installation
Test VoltageMains supply voltage
Test Current30/150mA rms sinusoidal
Test Current Phase0°/180° auto switched on alternate tests
Measuring Range0 – 500ms
Pass Value200ms/40ms
Earth Continuity
Output Current200mA minimum into 2Ω
Test Voltage (o/c)9VDC nominal
Test Duration (Class I Test)2s nominal
Display Range0.01 - 19.99Ω
Pass Value (Class I Test)0.1Ω/0.2Ω/0.3Ω
Equivalent Leakage
Test Voltage40V Nominal AC 50Hz Open Circuit
Test Duration2s
Display Range0.1 - 19.99mA
Pass Value0.5 / 3.5 / 5.0mA
Protective Conductor Current
Test VoltageSupply Voltage, max current 13A
Test Duration120s maximum
Display Range0.15 - 9.99mA
Pass Value3.5 / 5.0mA
3 phase leakage current (Requires 3 phase adaptor accessory)
Test Voltage3 phase supply voltage
Test DurationContinuous measurement
Display Range0.10 - 9.99mA
Pass Value5mA
Power Socket Check
Input Voltage Range225 - 254VAC max current 13A UK
Indicates Configuration of Voltage PotentialLine potential phase to earth. Line potential phase to neutral. Line potential neutral to earth

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