Apollo 400+


If you're looking for the Apollo 400+ datasheet featuring full technical specifications or the instruction manual, you can find them here.


Insulation Resistance (IR)
Test Voltage500V / 250VDC @ 1mA nominal
Measurement Range0.10MΩ to 19.99MΩ
Pass ValueUser defined
Protective Conductor Current/Load
Test VoltageSupply voltage, maximum load current 16A
Measurement Range0.25mA to 19.99mA
Pass ValueUser defined
Load Power/Current
Test Voltage230V +10%, -15%, maximum load current 16A
Test DurationProgrammable up to a maximum of 240s
Measurement Range0.50A to 16.0A
RCD Test
Test Voltage230V +10%, -15%
Test Current30mA / 150mA rms sinusoidal
Display Range0ms to 2000ms
Test MethodInternal isolation to avoid tripping distribution board RCD
Memory sizeup to 2,000 records
Dimensions230mm x 150mm x 100mm
Power SourceMains or rechargeable battery pack
Supported PrintersTest n Tag Pro (339A980) [br] Test n Tag Elite 2 (339A989)
Earth Continuity (Rpe)
Test Current+/- 200mA DC
Measurement Range0.05Ω to 19.99Ω
Pass ValueUser defined
IEC Lead Test
Test Voltage5VAC nominal
TestLive / Neutral Checks for o/c, s/c and crossed polarity
Touch Current
Test VoltageSupply voltage, maximum load current 16A
Measurement Range0.10mA to 5mA
Pass ValueUser defined
Substitute (Alternative) Leakage Current
Test Voltages>25VAC <50VAC
Measurement Range0.20mA to 19.99mA
Pass ValueUser defined
Power Socket Test
Voltage Range207V – 253VAC
Indicates configuration of voltage potential:-Line potential phase to earth
Line potential phase to neutralLine potential neutral to earth

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