How to update from an Apollo to the Apollo 600+?


Updating to Apollo+

If you are a current Apollo 400, 500 or 600 user, you may be wondering how do I get access to the benefits of the new Apollo+ recently released by Seaward.

The answer is simple; all of the new Apollo+ features are available to current Apollo Series users, so there’s no need for you to miss out on all the latest improvements in PAT testing technology.

So what’s changed?

Apollo+ Hardware.

- Only one hardware change was made, this change allows the Apollo’s battery to be externally charged for the first time.

- By adding a short wiring harness and new battery connector it is now possible for users to buy additional batteries that can extend the working time of the Apollo.

- Any current Apollo users wishing to update to the new battery configuration can return their Apollo to any Seaward approved service centre to have the chargeable update carried out. (Update service kits are available)

- Additional batteries and a mains charger are available to buy as accessory products.

Apollo+ Firmware.

- The key strength of the Apollo platform is its ability to allow the user to perform firmware upgrades. This future proofs the Apollo and means that all the benefits of the new Apollo+ firmware are just a quick download away.

- Updating your firmware to the latest Apollo+ version will give you access to a host of user interface improvements, including better record search functionality, additional user permissions, a new socket outlet test and many more useful features.

- See the full guide on how to update your firmware at the back of this document.

Apollo+ Accessories.

The Apollo+ has some new accessories too. These are available for you to buy from any approved Seaward distributor.

- A New 2D barcode imager for scanning the Apollo+ QR PAT labels

- New Heavy duty test leads

- New Extra durable PAT labels that can better withstand UV, Heat and chemicals

- Additional batteries and mains charger (for upgraded Apollos only)

How to update your Firmware

To check the firmware version on your Apollo Series, select Information  (F5), from the Home Screen , the instrument and firmware version are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

To check / download the latest version of firmware visit the following:

Make sure you backup (download) any data on your instrument beforehand. You may want to also clone (download) your settings data (Apollo 500+ and 600+) so that you can upload these afterwards.

Make sure the Apollo+ Series is switched off.  Press and hold the function key , then press the ON button  to power on the Apollo+ Series, keeping the key depressed until the updater screen is displayed.


Press F2 to Update via PC (Apollo+ Series). Connect the USB lead between the PC and the Apollo+ Series and press F1, as instructed.

Copy the downloaded firmware file (with extension .tar.bz2) to the new Apollo+ Series drive on your PC (for example, Apollo (E:))

Press F1 to begin the firmware update - when the update is complete the display will show “Update complete, restart the system or press F1 to return to the main menu.”

Press and hold the OFF button  until the Apollo+ Series powers off. The firmware update, via the PC, is now complete and the Apollo+ Series is ready to use.

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