How to download HAL 104?

We have a few options:

1) We have a basic free downloader that you can use to download your HAL 104 – However, this may not work for all systems and is not supported by us.

2) To download all data from the HAL 104 you will require Safety e-Base Pro software.

3) For limited download of the HAL 104 (not including the Power, Power Factor and Load Leakage) you can use PATGuard 3. We hope to be able include this in a future version.  

4) Regarding the remote RS232 protocol with the HAL, please see page 131 of the manual.

Some example files and text scripts that demonstrate the serial control can be downloaded from:

Note: if you want the full flexibility of the protocol, you will need to set up the commands from within your software. You will need the sample files to be able to do that (one includes the encryption table for the command crc).

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