DO6 Ohmmeter

Cropico DO6

Comprehensive digital ohmmeter with temperature compensation

- Resolution of 100 nano ohm on 2 milli ohm range
- 2 push button ranges 2 milli ohm… 200 kilo ohm
- Dry circuit measurement: 18mV limited

Cropcio DO6

Covering a wide range of measurements from 1 micro ohm to 200 kilo ohm, the DO6 ohmmeter is a comprehensive ohmmeter with many features incorporated as standard.

These benefits include manual and automatic range selection; temperature compensation for copper, referencing the measurement of copper to 20°C; voltage limiting facility for those wishing to measure switch contact resistance to International Standards.

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Technical Specifications

Technical specification
Measurement 4 Terminal Kelvin/Thomson, eliminating lead resistance errors
Display 4.5 digit 15mm 7 segment LED with polarity and overload indication. 2 digit 16 segment LED for unit display
Ranges 9 ranges manual selection with up/down keys, automatic selection with autorange function
Auto Zero Permits the automatic zero of amplifiers and external circuits
Temperature Compensation Measurement compensated for the following referenced to 20°C:Copper Cu = 3.93%/KBrass Ms63 = 1.50%/KBrass Ms80 = 1.60%/KAmbient sensed with Pt 100 sensor
Relay Output For the pre-selected upper and lower limit values “Too small”,“Correct”, “Too large” Contact load = 30W max 48V 1 Amp
Dry Circuit Measurement In accordance with DIN 41640 part 4 and IEC – 132-1 Open circuit voltage limited to 18mV
Interface RS232 25 pin D-Bush talk listen function
Terminals 4mm safety sockets
Working Temperature 0°C to 50°C rel. humidity 90% max. non-condensing
Storage Temperature -20°C to +60°C
Mains Supply 230 Volts +6% - 10%45Hz to 65Hz approx. 30VA
Safety IEC 1010 Protective Class 1
Dimensions 255mm x 90mm x 263mm (W D H) approx
Mass 5kg approximately


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