Cropico LS05 Lead Set

Cropico Lead Sets

We have a great selection of lead sets for you to choose from

We have a number of options available when it comes to lead sets. Whether you are looking for lead sets with a fork, jager plug, or banana plugs you will find them here.

Available Lead Sets

Part Number Product DO7 DO7+ DO7010 DO4a DO7E DO4000 Series DO5000 Series
190004 LS05 1m Lead Set (4 x 1m leads, plugs, clips, probes & KC1 Clips)      
190007 LS06            
190042 LS03      
190043 LS03-7100            
190045 LS03P Lead Set (KC3, 3m Cable, 2 plugs)(2x190086) (DO4000 Series / DO5000 Series)          
190046 LS04        
190047 LS04-7010            
190049 LS04P Lead Set (1 x KC3, 3m Cable, 2 Plugs & 1 x KC3, 15m Cable, 2 plugs)(1x190086 1x190087) (DO4000 Series / DO5000 Series)          
190050 LS06-P 1m Lead Set (2 x KC1, 1m Cable - Red/Black) (DO4000 Series / DO5000 Series)          
190097 LS03P 1m Lead Set (KC3, 1m Cable, 2 plugs)(1x190096) (DO4000 Series / DO5000 Series)          
190112 LS03P 5m Lead Set (KC3, 5m Cable, 2 plugs)(2x190086) (DO4000 Series / DO5000 Series)          
190126 LS06P 3m Lead set with 3 metre leads terminated in miniature Kelvin clips type KC2          

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