Cropico Handspikes

Cropico Handspikes

We have an extensive range of handspikes which allow for flexible testing

When it comes to handspikes, we've got you covered. Our variety of lead lengths provide a simple solution to a variety of industries

Available Handspikes

Part Number Product DO7 DO7+ DO7010 DO4a DO7E DO4000 Series DO5000 Series
190052 HS01-7010            
190053 HS01-P Handspike 3m Cable (1 x Handspike, 3m Cable, 2 Plugs)          
930481 HS01-P Handspike 70m Cable (1 x Handspike, 70m Cable, 2 Plugs)          
930482 HS01-P Handspike 80m Cable (1 x Handspike, 80m Cable, 2 Plugs)          
930483 HS01-P Handspike 90m Cable (1 x Handspike, 90m Cable, 2 Plugs)          
190077 HS01-P Handspike Set 3m (2 x HS01-P, 3m Cable, 2 Plugs) (2x190053) (4000 Series, 5000 Series, DO7+)          
190083 HS01-RS          
190055 HS02        
190056 HS02-7010            
190081 HS02-P 15m Handspike (HS02, 15m Cable, 2 Plugs)          
190057 HS02-P Handspike Set 3/15m (1 x HS02, 3m Cable, 2 plugs 1x HS02, 15m Cable, 2 plugs)(1x190053 & 1x190081)          
190058 HS02-RS          

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