PowerCheck 1557

PowerCheck 1557

PAT and Installation Verification Unit

- Does not trip RCD circuits
- NICEIC & NAPIT compliant
- Tests to BS7671 / EN 61577 / IEE Code of Practice

PowerCheck 1557

The PowerCheck 1557 is a comprehensive PAT and installation verification checkbox. It carries out ongoing performance checks to ensure accurate measurement between calibration intervals. Fully tests Earth Continuity, Insulation Resistance, RCD Trip Time, RCD Trip Current, Loop, PE Conductor Current, Touch Current and Flash tests.

It can be used on earth continuity or earth bond testers up to 25A and also verifies loop impedance or RCD testers on RCD protected circuits - without tripping the RCD. It tests to BS 7671, BS EN 61557, IET Onsite Guide and IEE Code of Practice. It has full instrument verification against all relevant standards and confirms performance between verifications (this is information required by NICEIC, ELECSA, NAPIT and others).

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