PAT Testing News Round-Up - Issue 48

This issue covers:

  • Free electrical safety testing seminars
  • IET emphasises importance of electrical safety management
  • UK ‘Summer Sizzler’ special tester promotions from Seaward
  • TV fire prompts electrical safety warning
  • Which survey highlights appliance dangers
  • NAPIT Support Landlords on Electrical Safety
  • Did you know that...

Free electrical safety testing seminars

We are hosting a nationwide series of free seminars to help those involved in maintaining safety at work to bring themselves fully up to date with portable appliance testing requirements and test opportunities.

The seminars fall into two different categories – with one type aimed at those dutyholders responsible for managing electrical safety testing regimes and the other intended to help electrical contractors and PAT specialists to make the most of new business opportunities.

For those involved in organising in-house electrical safety testing, the events will provide advice on current industry best practice, dispel some of the myths around PAT and explain the benefits of a risk-based approach.

The separate ‘grow your business’ seminars will cover industry best practice, explain the benefits of testing that can be passed on to clients and highlight new opportunities for business growth.

The programme of free seminars will take place at a range of venues across the country from the end of July until the end of September – with locations including Brighouse, Sunderland, Chester, Banbury, and Maidstone. More locations and dates are being added and you can register for your free place at /FreeSeminars

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IET emphasises importance of electrical safety management

The IET has reported on its recent Electrical Safety Management seminar, reinforcing the importance of a rigorous approach to maintaining safety standards in the workplace.

As part of the review, it was noted that there are many ways in which electricity can cause serious injury or death – including, shocks, burns, explosions, falls, fires and injuries sustained from unexpected start-ups of machinery – and that with proper measures in place, many of these accidents are entirely preventable.

The seminar made it clear that there needs to be a higher awareness of electrical safety management activities, by non-electrical as well as electrically trained staff, but just as crucially, managers and directors/owners who are ultimately held to account in the case of a serious incident in their organisation.

Maintaining the theme of the seminar, later in the year the IET is running a practical course for managing the risks associated with an electrical system. Full details are here.


UK ‘Summer Sizzler’ special tester promotions from Seaward

We have introduced two ‘Sizzling Summer Special’ promotions, giving added value package deals with purchases of its Apollo 600 PAT testers and PowerTest 1557 17th Edition installation testers.

Until the end of August, buyers of the Seaward Apollo 600 PAT tester kit will receive a free package of extras, worth £249, that includes a 12 month licence for the PAT Guard 3 Elite software, access to a practical online training course with exam and a special PAT testing guide.

This comprehensive PAT package provides everything needed for the user to carry out effective electrical appliance safety testing, along with the ability to evaluate and record other workplace health and safety measures including fire alarm systems and emergency lighting.

Over the same period, buyers of the PowerTest 1557 17th edition multifunction tester will also be given a QuickCheck verification card, calibration certificate and the latest edition of the IET On-Site electrical installation guide – all free of charge.

The handheld and lightweight PowerTest 1557 is a compact all in one installation tester that is designed for maximum portability and ease of use. Special features include an integral cordless probe and fast performance, with earth loop, line loop, PFC and PSC tests with one press of a button in under 5 seconds.

Offer is available to customers in UK and Eire only. More details of these special offers are available at and at

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TV fire prompts electrical safety warning

Local firefighters are supporting a national safety campaign which urges older people to register electrical appliances following a house fire in Cheadle.

The incident involved a television which had set alight, causing substantial damage to the living room of a semi-detached property.

The television was too severely damaged for fire investigators to ascertain whether it was on the recall list compiled by the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA).

However, the fire station manager said that the incident highlights the importance of checking serial numbers on the national register maintained by Electrical Safety First to ensure that any appliances that people have are not on the recall list.

He said: “I believe this incident serves as a pertinent reminder of the importance of registering electrical equipment with manufacturers so that you will be informed of any recalls and of checking the national register to make sure that you don't have any historic appliances that are on the recall list.”

Which survey highlights appliance dangers

Malfunctioning household appliances caused almost 12,000 fires in Britain in just over three years, research by consumer group Which? has found. Washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers were the most likely items to cause fires, the research suggested.

Which? is urging people to register appliances they buy with manufacturers so they can be alerted of any recall.

The government figures, obtained using the Freedom of Information Act, cover January 2011 to March 2014. Fires included in the figures were those caused by appliances that were "faulty, incorrectly installed or improperly maintained".

Of the top 12 appliances looked at by the consumer group, irons were the least likely to cause a fire, with 92 incidents in the time period compared to 1,723 caused by washing machines.

? highlighted research by Electrical Safety First, which found that only a third of people register the electrical appliances they buy - meaning they may not be notified if faulty items are recalled by manufacturers.

"If an appliance is found to be dangerous, manufacturers issue a safety notice to alert owners, but knowing who owns their products can prove problematic," Which? said.

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NAPIT Support Landlords on Electrical Safety

NAPIT has joined forces with the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) to create an electrical safety course to help keep properties safe and provide peace of mind to landlords and tenants alike.

The one day Introduction to Electrical Safety course for landlords covers three crucial modules of electrical safety: basic electrical awareness, Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs) and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT).

It is designed to provide expert advice to help landlords avoid the risks of unsafe electrics while keeping tenants safe in their properties.

Ian Halton, the Training and Business Relationship Director at NAPIT, said: “We are working closely with the RLA to make sure there is clear guidance on electrical safety to landlords. This will ensure the right checks are being carried out by properly trained, registered electrical installers.”

More details of NAPIT’s commitment to improving electrical safety in the Private Rented Sector is available on a special campaign infographic here

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