How do I set the date and time on the Solar Utility Pro?

    1. Turn off the Solar Utility Pro.

    2. Press and hold the SAVE and RECALL keys and then press simultaneously the TRANSMIT key.
      The date format and time format is shown as follows: 
      MM.DD = month (1-12). Day (1-31) 
      YYYY = year = hours (0-23).minutes (0-59)
      SS = seconds (0-59)

    3. Use the TEST key to navigate to the field that you wish to change.

    4. A flashing field shows the field that can be set.

    5. Use the SAVE key and the RECALL key, to decrease or increase the value, respectively.

    6. Note with each change, the seconds field is set to zero.

    7. Turn off the device to save the setting.

    Note: If the Solar Utility Pro has established a Solarlink™ connection to the Survey 200R, the date/ time of the Solar Utility Pro will automatically be synchronized to the date/ time of the Survey 200R.

    The Survey 200R real-time clock is the master and the Solar Utility Pro is the slave.


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