How do I pair the Solar Utility Pro with the Survey 200R?

  1. Make sure there are no other units operating nearby.

    1. Turn off both the Solar Utility Pro and Survey 200R.

    2. On the Survey 200R, press and hold the ON/OFF keys, keep both keys pressed.

    3. On the Solar Utility Pro, press and hold the SAVE and RECALL keys, keep both keys pressed.

    The Survey 200R will now send its “Pairing” signal. When the Solar Utility Pro detects this signal, it will remember the serial number of the Survey 200R, and will look for that particular serial number in all future communications.

    When the Solar Utility Pro has successfully paired, it will beep and display connected. This should normally happen within a couple of seconds.

    Note: The top line of the Solar Utility Pro display will now show the W/m2 icon.

    The Survey 200R can be put in and out of transmit mode by pressing and holding the TEMPERATURE key, and then momentarily pressing the OK (Hold) key.

    When in transmit mode there will be a flashing icon above the TEMPERATURE key.

    Note: When in transmit mode the auto shut down feature is disabled. You must remember to turn the Survey 200R off in order to save battery power.

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