How to extend the auto shutdown period on the PV200 or 210?

After 1 minute of being idle the PV200/210 will turn itself off in order to conserve battery power. This auto shutdown period can be extended as follows:

1. Turn the PV200/210 unit off.

2. Press and hold the NULL key, then press both the ON/OFF keys together. Keep holding the NULL key.

3. The display will show “OFF” on line 1, and the turnoff time on line 2 (in minutes).

4. Keep holding the NULL key and press the Viso key. Each press of the Viso key will increment the turnoff time.

5. Increment beyond 10 to set the time back to 1 minute.

Note: When displaying DC Operating Power (section 5.9) the Auto Shutdown function is deactivated whilst DC voltage or current are detected. This will allow extended time for monitoring DC power.

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