How to null the resistance on the test leads of my PV200 or PV210?

The PV200/210 can automatically compensate for the resistance of the test leads using the following procedure:

1. Hold the tips of the test probes firmly together as shown, ensure a good electrical connection.

2. Press and hold the Rpe Null key.

3. The measured resistance of the test leads is shown in the primary display until a beep is heard.

4. The Rpe display will now 0.00 and the Null icon are illuminated on the display.

5. All subsequent measurements will take into account the test lead resistance compensation until the function is disabled by pressing the Rpe Null key again.

Note: A maximum test lead resistance of 10Ω ohms can be taken into account. If the test lead resistance is greater than 10Ω an error beep will indicate that the lead Zero function has failed.

Note: For ease of use, the PV200/210 will store the lead compensation when switched off and recall this value when next switched on. The stored value is only applicable to the test leads used when the compensation measurement was made. If the test leads are replaced the Rpe null function should be repeated using the replacement test leads.

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