How to store data in the PV200 or 210?

The Solar PV200/210 can store up to 999 complete sets of measurements. The number of records currently held in memory is shown on the bottom of the display i.e. if the display shows 16 there are 16 records in memory and the next result will be stored in location 17.

The current test is complete. The PV200/210 is asking whether the current test results should be stored.

Press the Memory Store key to store all measured values on the display. If there is memory space available the Store icon will appear, and the readings will be stored in the memory.

The current test results are being stored into the memory location 10 as indicated on the LCD.

If the memory is full, the buzzer will sound and the results will not be stored.

If there are no valid readings on the display when the store key is pressed, the buzzer will beep, the Store icon will flash and nothing will be stored.

Note: After the results are stored to memory they are read back to ensure that the data is correct. If the read data is different from what was written then a READ FAIL warning will be displayed.

Pressing a button will return you to the test results where the Store can be performed again. Should this happen the first set of data will still be recorded and take up a memory location. When reviewed or downloaded the corrupted record will be tagged as corrupt.

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