Where is the user changeable fuse on my PV200 or PV210?

Replacing the Fuse

Before opening the Solar PV200/210 ensure that it is disconnected from all voltages!

Electric shock danger!

All replacement fuse types are specified for ratings and size on the battery compartment cover on the rear of the Solar PV200/210.
Power the unit off.

Disconnect all the test leads from the unit.

Position the Solar PV200/210 face down and release the captive screw in the battery compartment cover.

Remove the battery compartment cover.

Lift one end of the fuse out of the fuse holder with the help of a flat bladed screwdriver.

Lift the defective fuse completely out of the fuse holder.

Insert a new fuse as described and specified by the text on the battery compartment cover.

Ensure that the new fuse is seated and centred in the fuse holder.

Relocate the battery cover over the battery compartment and fasten in position with the battery cover captive screw.

The Seaward PV200/210 panel circuit is protected by a 15A 1000V Solar fuse. This fuse is not operator replicable.

If this fuse blows then the Seaward PV200/210 will indicate an error before the panel is shorted, the PV200/210 must be returned for service.

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