How to perform an automatic test sequence using the PV150

Auto Sequence Measurement

Due to the high input impedance of the red 4mm test terminal, voltage caused by leakage currents may be detected on the prior to starting a test.

Table 1
Viso Pass / Fail Limit
250v 0.5 M ohms
500v 1.0 M ohms
1000v 1.0 M ohms

Note: During the insulation test, the PV150 applies a short circuit across the PV string. The insulation test voltage is then applied between the RED 4mm test lead and the two PV test terminals.

Note: If the DC voltage polarity is incorrect or the voltage is bigger 5V or smaller 1000V the Auto Test will be inhibited until the problem is corrected. Always ensure that the circuit under test is electrically isolated from the mains supply.

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