In practise, many equipment defects can be found during a formal visual inspection. Many potential hazards arise due to the way in which a piece of equipment is used or abused.

The equipment enclosure/casing:
a) Physical damage such as cracks or chemical corrosion
b) Signs of overheating
c) Signs of ingress of fluids or foreign bodies.

Mains plugs
a) Correct fit in the mains outlet – not loose and can be removed without difficulty
b) Cracks or damage
c) Signs of overheating
d) Properly tightened off terminal screws
e) Correct wiring
f) Mains flex is properly secured by the cable grip
g) Correct fuse rating and type.

Mains cables
a) Damage, cuts or fraying. Extension leads should be checked along the entire length
b) Joints or connections which are unsafe
c) Appropriate length
d) Correct rating for the equipment.

Visual inspections are to be carried out by a competent person & results need to be logged.

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