How to download a Europa into PATGuard 3?

The following document is intended to be a troubleshooting guide to ensure you are downloading your Supernova / Europa in the correct manner. Please check all aspects of this before contacting the technical support helpline.

1. Check your Serial (RS232) Cable. This should be the Seaward supplied serial cable. It will have a white tag, with the information printed. "For use with the following testers, both Up & Download Only, Supernova...." And on the other side the Part No. 194A919 or 44B113.

2. Are you using a straight through Serial connection, or is this via a Serial to USB adaptor. If so we can only guarantee that a USB adaptor supplied by us will work as this has been tried and tested with our cable. More information and purchase details for this adapter can be found at or call our sales team.

3. Open or create a new database in PATGuard 3 select “Instruments” and then “Add a Test Instrument” using the icon.

4. At this point it is also advisable to click the settings button and ensure your options are set as below;

5. Select “Data Transfer” and “Download from Tester”.

6. Select the instrument from the dropdown box and then select the COM port. Select “Database” and then “OK”, at this point you will receive a message “Please start your transmission now”;

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