How do I transfer reports from one install of PATGuard 3 to another?

This is the whole PATGuard 3 report process from creation to copying on different PCs:

However, please note this may not work with all reports/versions

On the first PC, create a copy of one of the original standard reports that came with the software (for example “My Concise Asset List2”) and make the necessary changes.

Make a copy of this file using Windows Explorer from the following directory;

C:\ProgramData\Seaward\PATGuard 3\appData\reports (note this may change slightly, depending on the version of PATGuard you are using. Note; this is a hidden folder - to enable hidden folders: in Windows
Explorer select 'Organise' then 'Folder and search options'. Select the 'View' tab then select 'Show hidden files, folders and drives'. Select Apply then OK.)

In the other copy of PATGuard 3 (on the second PC) create another copied report using the same name as the first report (“My Concise Asset List2”) and then close PATGuard 3. Using Windows Explorer paste the required report (from the first PC) over the top of the above renamed report, on the second PC, (“My Concise Asset List2”).

Reopen the second version of PATGuard 3 (on the second PC, and the newly created report should be available to be used.

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