Which tester is compatibile with PATGuard 3?


The program can receive downloaded data from the following testers:


Seaward Apollo 600/600+              Seaward IT 1000                              Ethos 9300 / 9500 / 9600


Seaward Apollo 500/500+              Seaward PAT 1000 Series                  MPAT60


Seaward Apollo 400/400+              Seaward PAT 2000 Series                  Emona Maestro


Seaward PrimeTest 250+               Seaward SEN60204                           Metrohm MicroPAT+


Seaward PrimeTest 350                 Clare HAL 101/102/103                      Megger PAT4*


Seaward PrimeTest 300                 Clare SafeCheck 8                              Robin SmartPAT 5000/5500


Seaward Europa Series                  Clare SafeTest Luminaire                    Metrel OmegaPAT


Seaward Supernova Series             Clare SafeTest Manufacturing             Metrel BETA PAT


*Requires download through a parallel port via a parallel to serial adapter – not available from Seaward – contact Megger for download cable and adaptor requirements.

The program can upload to the following PAT testers:


Seaward Apollo 600/600+              Seaward Europa Series                    Ethos 9500 / 9600


Seaward Apollo 500/500+              Seaward Supernova Series               Emona Maestro


Seaward PrimeTest 350                  Seaward IT1000


Seaward PrimeTest 300                  Seaward PAT2000i/iee

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