How do I move PATGuard 3 from one PC to another?

If you have PATGuard 3 installed and activated on one PC and would like to move it to another it is important that you follow the below instructions. An internet connection is required both on the original PC and the new one to transfer the licence.

On the original PC

1. Before attempting to transfer a licence please make sure you are using at least PATGuard version 3.4.3. If you have an earlier version please upgrade by:

- Using the “Check for Updates” button in “Help” to see if an update is available, if so, this can be done by an Administrator.

- Or if you are having problems with this you can also download a fresh copy of the software from the link below and install it over the top of the old – we recommend backing up your database before attempting this.

2. Once you have PATGuard 3.4.3 installed it is possible to move the PATGuard 3 licence from one computer to another. Simply select “Deactivate Licence from this PC” at the Login window to deactivate the original program.

Note: Your database is stored externally from the software as a Microsoft Access database (.mdb file). You will need to move this separately.

On the new PC

1. Install the latest version of PATGuard 3 from the below link.

2. On the login screen of the new install, select “Activate New Serial Number” and follow the activation process.

3. You need to enter your original serial number into the serial number field. If you have renewed your licence or have additional network licences these should be applied as activation keys.


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