How do I import data from the PrimeTest 250+ into PATGuard 3?

The PrimeTest 250+ DOES NOT download directly into PATGuard 3.

Test data can be downloaded from the PT250+ tester into the free Datalogger software and then saved as a CSV file. The CSV created by the Datalogger is then imported into PATGuard 3.

Downloading the PrimeTest 250+ using the DataLogger

1. Connect your device to the PC using a USB connector (The very first time you do this, your PC should automatically install a COM port driver).

Note: You can check which COM port is being used by looking in the Device manager, E.g.: Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COM14).

Note: If the driver will not work or you are experiencing connection problems the latest driver can be downloaded and installed using the following link:

2. Select the correct COM port.

3. Click on Download, a progress bar will appear.

4. On the PrimeTest 250+ press and hold the Recall (file open image) button for a few seconds.

Note: press the Recall button until the USB symbol appears (note if this is depressed for too long or not long enough only the data headers will download).

5. When all data has been captured and stored the progress bar will disappear and you will be asked where to save the data.

6. Open File (optional) - Once the file is saved you may click the "Open" button to open the document with default application.

For example, if you saved the file in .csv format (the default) then it may open using a spreadsheet application.

In PATGuard 3
7. Open up the PATGuard 3 database you wish to import the data into or create a new database.

8. In the Data Transfer tab select Import CSV. 
9. Navigate to the .csv file that was downloaded from the PT250+ and select Open.

10. The data will now be imported into your PATGuard 3 database so you can set up Site or Location names.

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