How to do point to point testing with the Apollo 500+?

Note: we do not have a comprehensive set of instructions for this as it relies on the person performing the test to be able to implement safe isolation prior to testing.

However, the following general instructions should be of help:

1. Perform safe isolation of appliance.

2. Prove dead.

3. Null the Apollo test leads in manual mode. There is a video on our website (see below).

4. Connect the Apollo via the 2 test leads as per one of the attached drawings. At this point if voltage is detected on the circuit the Apollo will read 'External Voltage Detected' and refuse to go ahead with the test. If so, you will need to ensure it is properly isolated and prove dead again.

5. Start the test either using the test sequence or the manual test function.

DO NOT start the test before the probes are connected to the circuit.

To perform an insulation resistance test the process is very similar.

Note: we do not advise on how to perform the test as this relies on the person performing the test been able to implement safe isolation prior to testing.


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