How to upload a background image on the Apollo 600+?

1. Connect your Apollo to a computer using the USB cable.

2. From the Home Screen press F4

3. Select option 7 from the menu using the keypad on the tester

4. Use the up, down, left and right keys to navigate to the Upload data into Apollo and press the right key to enter the drop down list.

5. Use the up and down keys to navigate to Printer Logos and press the right key to select.

6. Then press the down key to navigate to using, and press right.

7. Navigate down to USB-PC Cable and press Right to select.
The tester will now connect to the computer

8. On your computer, in Computer, the device will show. Click on the Apollo device icon.

9. Drag your company logo .BMP into the folder that has opened up.

10. Once your .BMP logo is in the folder, press F3 on the Apollo tester, this will show the new logo file path on the tester

11. Press F4 to save the new logo as your printer logo.

12. Press the F1 to return to the Home Screen

Please note, you can use a USB memory stick to upload images. Just upload the images to the root folder of the memory and when you have selected USB-PC Cable, press Save and it will save ALL images in that folder to the one you have specified in step 4.

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