How to setup the Bluetooth 2D Elite Scanner with the Apollo 600+?

This How to Guide is used for pairing the Bluetooth 2D Elite scanner (pictured) with your Apollo+ Series and can also be used for troubleshooting connection problems.

If you are having problems with your 2D Elite scanner it is natural to presume that the scanner is faulty, but in our experience the failure rate for this product is actually very low and in most cases setup problems are the likely cause. This guide aims to help you correctly setup and test your scanner to quickly get you back up and scanning. Before we start please ensure you have completed steps 1 to 3 below

1. Please register your Apollo+ to receive an additional 12 months warranty plus full access to Product Support. You can do this at

2. Please ensure your Apollo+ has the latest firmware installed, to do this please see the following link:

3. Please charge your Bluetooth 2D Elite scanner before you use it. This needs to be done via the USB port of a PC or a USB adaptor – it cannot be charged via the port of the Apollo+ Series instrument.

The next step is to check that the Bluetooth 2D Elite scanner is setup in the correct Bluetooth connection mode. Follow step 4 below, you should only need to do this once when you initially setup a new scanner, but it’s always worth checking this setting again if experiencing problems.

4. Scan the barcodes below using the Bluetooth 2D Elite scanner by pressing the Trigger key (large button).


Wait for 1 second, before scanning:                                    

Wait for another 1 second, before scanning:                   

Finally, wait for 1 second and then scan:                                 

5. Hold the connection On/Off or Function key (small button) for 5 seconds until it beeps and the LED starts to flash blue.

We now need to pair the scanner to the Apollo+, follow steps 6 to 14 below. Before proceeding it is important to make sure if you have more than one scanner that any other scanners are not active and are turned off during the pairing process.

6. From the Apollo+ Home Screen home press the Menu button F4.

7. In Menu, select Bluetooth by pressing key number 3 bluetooth

8. The Bluetooth active symbol will appear next to the battery symbol bluetooth.

9. If the blue LED on the scanner is not flashing, hold the connection On/Off or Function key (small button) on the Bluetooth 2D Elite scanner for 5 seconds until it beeps and the LED starts to flash blue.

Note: the 4 barcodes above should have been scanned before this.

10. The scanner is now discoverable to your Apollo+ and ready to connect.

11. On the Apollo+ press the Bluetooth search button F2  the search screen will appear for a while and once searching is complete the Apollo+ will return to the normal Bluetooth screen.

12. Select the Bar Code field on the Apollo+ (using the arrow keys) and from the drop down select the device named ‘OPN-3002(??????)’

Note: if there is more than one OPN entry in the drop down list (for your scanner), choose the bottom version from the list.

13. Press F4 Description: D:\Documents and Settings\ColinB\Desktop\Apollo\ApolloUserManual\save.png to save the new Bluetooth pairing settings.

14. You can then return to the Apollo+ Home Screen by pressing the button F1 .

The paired Bluetooth 2D Elite scanner can now be used in the Auto Mode on the Apollo+ Series:

15. From the Home screen select  (F1) to enter the Portable Appliance Testing screen.

16. Select Auto Mode by pressing (F2).

Note: if the scanner does not pair use the Scan Trigger Key (Large button) to scan a QR code or barcode, the scanner should pair with the Apollo+ and populate the relevant fields in the Auto Mode test screen. 

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