Why does my Test N Tag Elite Printer 'print' blank labels when connected to my PrimeTest 300/350?

This is due to the settings within the tester. Please follow the below directions to adjust.

1. Press F4 – ‘Menu’

2. Scroll down and select ‘View Saved Data’ by pressing F4 – ‘OK’

3. Select any result by pressing F4 – ‘Select’

4. Press F4 – ‘Options’

5. Scroll down and select ‘Print Label’ by pressing F4 – ‘OK’

6. Press F3 –‘Setup’

7. Scroll down and highlight ‘Pass Logo’

8. Use the left or right cursor to enter the drop down menu

9. Select either ‘No’ or ‘User Defined Logo’ (This is dependant on whether you are using your own logo or not)

10. Come back out of the drop down menu by pressing the left or right cursor

11. Scroll down and highlight ‘Fail Logo’

12. Repeat steps 8-10

13. Press F4 –‘OK’

14. Restart both the Test N Tag Elite Printer and the PrimeTest 300 / 350.

This should now allow you to print Pass and Fail labels successfully with the Test N Tag Elite Printer.

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