I have an IDispatch error when downloading my tester into PATGuard 2. What do I do?

An IDispatch error is a generic error coming from Microsoft (the database drivers in PATGuard). It is generally caused by a mismatch between the data coming out of the tester and the data already in the database. If the same download is done to a new (empty) database there should be no error.

In order to resolve this problem you should:

Retrieve the data from the tester by processing it into a new database.

  1. Compare the downloaded data with that in the database that it could not be downloaded to.

  2. Correct the data such that both databases match. For example - an IDispatch in a previous program was caused by leading space characters in the Site or Location name i.e. the database had "Site1" and the tester had "Site1 " or vice versa. Removing the spaces resolved the issue.

  3. Once the data is corrected the download information can be stored in a .PAT file and transferred to the correct database - see User Manual, available from the PC Start Menu for full details on PAT files.
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