How to setup the old bluetooth scanner?

This How to Guide is used for pairing the old cream / white Seaward Bluetooth scanner (pictured) to your Apollo Series.

Please check all aspects of this before contacting the technical support helpline.


Pairing with the Apollo Series Instruments

1. Please register your Apollo to receive an additional 12 months warranty plus full access to Product Support. You can do this at or by completing the form in the “Care and Support” card and returning by post.

2. Please ensure your Apollo has the latest firmware installed, to do this please see the following link:

3. Initial Configuration of the scanner:

a. Make sure the batteries are fitted and working correctly.

b. Press the trigger and scan the set up codes 1 to 8 overleaf in the correct order. (The scanner will beep after reading each barcode)

c. Press the trigger to scan code 9, this will cause the light to start flashing blue

4. From the Apollo “Home Screen” home press the Menu button “F4”.

5. In the menu select Bluetooth by pressing key number “3”. bluetooth

6. The ‘Bluetooth active’ symbol will appear next to the battery symbol. bluetoothActive

7. On the Apollo press the Bluetooth search button “F2” bluetooth_search (hint: it helps if the scanner is the only Bluetooth device turned on at this time, if it is not flashing blue repeat step 3)

8. Select the “Bar Code” field on the Apollo (using the arrow keys) and from the drop down select, the device named “OPL2724_ . .  . ”

9. Press “F4” Description: D:\Documents and Settings\ColinB\Desktop\Apollo\ApolloUserManual\save.pngto save the new Bluetooth configuration

10. You can now use the scanner to enter information such as asset IDs.


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