How to setup Desk TnT print format for Safetest Luminaire

  1. First Start up the Tester

    - Select the ‘Open File’ symbol key (3rd key down RHS)
    - The tester will display a two options main header menu:
    - The → (arrow pointer) represents the active cursor.
    - To select options use Up/Down (↓) arrow to move cursor.
    - To accept option (with cursor indicator) press <enter> (the carriage return symbol), green 4th key down RHS.

  2. Select Setup Tests/Data at Main Menu

    - Go to Test routine.
    - → Setup Tests / Data.
    - Enter a valid password using keypads (the tester maybe factory set with a blank password).
    - Input Password (PW:).
    - When a valid password is correctly identified the Display will show two options:
    - Select Data / Password / Start option.
       Edit Test Sequence
    →Data / Password / Start
    - Select the Setup Data Mode option.
    → Setup Data Mode
       Download / Delete
    - Select either Print only or Print & Save Readings.
    → Print Only
       Save Only
    → Print & Save Rdgs
       Omit Print & Save

  3. Use up/down arrow to scroll ^ v for options, press <enter> to select.

  4. User Must select Print Test & Tag format to print label to Desk TnT printer.
    → Print Test & Tag
    PC term / PATGuard
    Note: Do Not select PC term / PATGuard format when printing to Desk TnT printer.
    After completing the setup configuration, press the ‘Open File’ symbol key to return to Main Menu.

  5. Notes on Setup Data Mode
    This will allow four modes of Data processing for configuration:
    - Print Only
       This mode will send test results to printer port after each completed sequence.
    - Save Only
       This mode will only save to memory test results after each completed sequence.
    - Print & Save readings
       This mode will send data to printer port And save to memory test results taken after each completed sequence.
    - Omit Print & Save

    Warning : This mode will not retain any of the test results or readings taken once test sequence is completed.

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