How to download from the Supernova to PATGuard 3?

1. Check your Serial (RS232) Cable. This should be the Seaward supplied serial cable. It will have a white tag, with the information printed. "For use with the following testers, both Up & Download Only, Supernova...." And on the other side the Part No. 194A919 or 44B113.

2. Are you using a straight through Serial connection, or is this via a Serial to USB adaptor. If so we can only guarantee that one from a company called easysync will work. This has been tried and tested with our cable. More information and purchase details for this adapter can be found here or call our sales team.

3. COM ports. Please ensure your com port is the correct one, usually for Serial connection this tends to be COM14. You will now need to configure your tester for the download.

- On the PC click on ‘Start’.
- Click ‘Settings’, ‘Control Panel’.
- In Control Panel look for ‘System’ and click on it.
- A pop up will appear look for and click on the tab labelled ‘Hardware’.
- With the Hardware section click on ‘Device Manager’.
- In Device Manager look for ‘Ports (COM & LPT)’, click the ‘+’ sign to expand the ports out. From the list double click on the Communications Port you use.
- Another pop up will appear for the COM Port chosen, click the tab at the top ‘Port Settings’. Ensure that your port settings match those shown in the video

4. Open an existing database you would like to download data to or create a new database.

5. Add the Instrument to your database

6. Under “Data Transfer” click on “Download from tester”

7. A pop up will appear; select your test instrument and the correct coms port.

8. Select client and site you would like the data to go to.

9. Press “Ok” to start the process

10. On your Supernova scroll down to “Download Results”

11. Select the download options as shown in the video

12. Search for the download data that you would like to download across to PATGuard 3.

13. The Data will be shown on PATGuard 3 and click “process”

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