How do I upgrade the firmware on the Supernova Elite?


Upgrading Supernova / Europa firmware

The following document is intended to help upgrade the firmware on the Supernova and Europa testers.

Before performing an upgrade it is recommended that the test results are downloaded and that both memory locations are cleared.

Ensure that you have the latest firmware upgrade; this is available for download from the Seaward website. To do this;

1. Open you internet browser and go to WWW.SEAWARD.CO.UK

2. Once logged in firmware updates are available under the downloads section of the website.

3. The Filter Downloads drop down box to select Firmware Updates.

4. Select the Supernova / Europa Firmware Update link.

Once downloaded, run the EXE file. A dialog box will ask where you want the downloaded files to be extracted to by clicking on the ‘Browse’ button; select a directory where you would the files to be located.

Click the ‘Unzip’ button; this will extract the downloaded files to the required location.

Use Windows Explorer to locate the files and run the SNEUPROG program.

To update the tester;

5. Connect the tester to the PC using the uploaded/download RS232 lead - this will not work with a USB / RS232 adaptor placed in line (note; a normal upload to the Supernova/Europa will work using the Seward USB adaptor).

6. On the SNEUPROG select the COMM port which the tester will be connected too.

7. Follow the on screen instructions.

8. If the tester is successfully detected then a ‘Select software update file’ dialog box is displayed.

9. Select the firmware version from the list, in the above image the SNEU.28.txt is the firmware.

10. The firmware upgrade process will now begin.

Do not switch off or disconnect the tester during the upgrade.

11. When the upgrade is complete a message will be displayed indicating that the upgrade has been successful. If the upgrade was not successful then repeat the process again.

12. The tester is now upgraded. Disconnect the tester from the PC and switch off the tester. The next time the tester is powered it will be running the upgraded firmware.

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