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PH3 Flatnose

PH3 Flatnose

Proving unit for use with high voltage indicators with a flat contact electrode

- High voltage output 1500V DC nominal
- Neon indicator to show output is active
- Very portable

PH3 Flat Nose

A highly portable, battery powered proving unit for proving high voltage indicators, live line testers and digital potential indicators. This proving unit produces a DC output voltage for confirming the operation of voltage indicators before and after use.

Designed for use with the KD1E/19 and other instruments with flat contact electrodes.

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Technical Specifications

Technical Specification
Output voltage1200V - 1500V DC nominal across 10MΩ
Output current0.45mA DC into 2kΩ
Test terminalsContact electrode and test post
IndicatorNeon indication when output voltage is active
Dimensions110mm height, 85mm width, 60mm depth

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