Versatile PAT Technology Supports DRA Growth Plans

Versatile electrical safety testing instrumentation is helping a specialist PAT company to grow by putting the emphasis on an all round preventative maintenance service.

The Tyneside based DRA Electricals has recently passed the 100,000 PAT tests completed mark and is expanding beyond its traditional North East marketplace by winning new national client electrical safety testing contracts.

The company’s broad customer base includes all types of organisation and appliance users, from relatively small businesses, to schools, colleges, hotel groups, call centres and large company offices.

To meet the specific needs of each client and the number and type of appliances being used, DRA uses a suite of handheld Seaward PrimeTest PAT testers. The PrimeTest range is designed to provide a versatile and ready-made solution for all electrical appliance types and PAT needs.

The DRA engineering team utilises the PrimeTest 100, 250 and 300 models, depending on the range and number of equipment items to be tested. All instruments are hand held, extremely lightweight and battery powered for maximum portability.

As well as verifying the safety of electrical equipment, all instruments in the range have the ability to test IET mains leads and power sockets.

The versatility afforded by the PrimeTest range means DRA can carry out testing quickly and effectively in keeping with the specific needs of each customer.

DRA Electricals director, Richard Ayre, explains: “Our aim is to build a professional relationship with clients by meeting their specific electrical testing needs. Every client is different, with different working environments and with different patterns of appliance use.

“We treat everyone individually and don’t cut corners. We discuss the range of equipment available and parameters of any PAT testing programmes with clients and agree test frequencies that are specific to their own circumstances.

“Having determined what testing is needed, having the right test equipment available to enable us to complete the job efficiently and effectively is essential – and this is where the Seaward testers have been invaluable.

Where relatively simple electrical testing is required the PrimeTest 100 manual tester provides an immediate pass/fail indication for all the required tests, enabling work to be undertaken quickly. This is especially important when undertaking work in schools and offices, for example.

The PrimeTest 250 has a more comprehensive test range in keeping with the IET Code of Practice, including RCD trip time test, a protective conductor test and touch current. It also includes a 3-phase leakage test and a 250V DC insulation test suitable for testing sensitive electrical appliances and surge protected leads.

The PrimeTest 300 tester, recently superseded by the Seaward Apollo series, combines electrical testing with a large internal memory for the storage of electrical test data, as well as details of the condition of other safety equipment.

Using modern PAT technology to its best effect is playing an important role in the growth of the DRA business and plays an important role in enabling the company to build strong links with its customer base.

Richard Ayre says, “Our aim is to generate long term relationships and repeat business with clients by giving them a reliable and valued PAT service.

“We try to work closely with customers to give them the advice and support they need to keep on the right side of current legislation and maintain their obligations to ensure a safe working environment.

“Having access to the right sort of PAT instrumentation is a major factor in helping us to achieve this aim successfully.”

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