Upgraded PAT Software For SQL Databases

Seaward, the market leader in portable appliance testing ‚ has upgraded its specialist portable appliance testing (PAT testing) data management program for use with large corporate databases and health and safety systems.

Compatible with all makes of PAT tester‚ the PATGuard Elite SQL is designed for those using large advanced database formats such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

Intended for organisations and service companies that carry out electrical safety testing of appliances on a regular basis, the new extensive PATGuard Elite SQL program accommodates everything from downloading test results to test records and report and certificate printing to e-mail alerts for planning re-tests.

The latest version 2.2 of the software enables much larger PAT results systems to be set up and enables test records to be easily incorporated in existing company SQL databases. PATGuard Elite SQL also allows shared database access – giving different operators access to the records at the same time in a single database.

Existing PATGuard test records can easily be incorporated into the new SQL format. In addition, the new software also incorporates a number of other special features. These include a Preview facility that gives users the facility to preview downloads and easily correct mistakes that arise during the hustle and bustle of testing.

PATGuard Elite SQL also includes a CSV File output facility for those who require a spreadsheet to be generated from the records. Other options enable reports to be saved in Adobe Acrobat pdf format and a special Viewer CD writer option for supply of test results to others.

These special features come alongside all other usual test results storage facilities that enable full PAT histories and comprehensive asset registers of workplace electrical equipment to be maintained and managed effectively.

The upgraded PATGuard Elite SQL is the latest addition to the range of Seaward test record keeping programs. These comprise the entry level PATGuard Elements for manual data entry and the PATGuard Pro and PATGuard Elite programs offering a range of data management capabilities for PAT testers with an internal memory.

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