Tick-Tock Time's Almost Up

So the end of the Seaward Substitution scheme is almost over.

We’ve had a great month with lots of you lovely people getting in the Seaward team and substituting your PAT testers.

We’ve finished your special PAT testing mini-series in celebration of the substitution opportunity. But, don’t worry if you missed any of the posts, here’s a quick link for you back to the series in order:

But if you still haven’t substituted your PAT tester and got in the game you only have this weekend, as the opportunity ends next week.

This really is your final call, if you were waiting on the fence now is the time to hop down and join in the fun.

So many others have already done so, don’t miss out on this limited opportunity.

But if you still aren’t sure, check out these great reasons in your favour:

  • You get money back for sending in your old PAT tester
  • You don’t have to send it back until you have your new one - so no down time
  • You don’t have to pay out for calibration this year as your tester comes pre-calibrated
  • You don’t have to already own a Seaward PAT tester. In fact, you can substitute any PAT tester at all
  • A warranty is included with your new machine
  • New Seaward PAT testers have all the latest advancements in line with current recommendations

So, don’t get left behind, get in the transfer window before it closes and get your brand new tester before someone else does.

All you need to do is click the ‘take me to my new tester’ button below and get yourself in the team.

Take me to my new tester

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